Engaging people. 

Inspiring trust. 

Driving action.

Engaging people.
Inspiring trust.
Driving action.

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SUPPORTING YOU DURING THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: Communicating with your workforce is more important than ever. Whether you need strategies or deliverables — or just tactical communication support on your regular initiatives while your internal team has hands full with the COVID-19 issue — we’re ready to help you educate, equip, and build trust with your employees.

We’re a team of consultants and creatives using the power of communication to improve workforce performance and well-being. Check out our case studies and sample clients:

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coronavirus support

  • Developed onsite yard signs, posters and electronic appreciation emails to thank essential employees during coronavirus stay-at-home order
  • Created strong, clear designs to convey simple, powerful messages using DTE internal brand
  • Delivered urgent and calm counsel, graphic design and coordination of production and distribution to hundreds of locations within days

Workforce Communication Client University of Virgina Health System Case Study Logo

culture change

  • Helped define and articulate new values and behaviors
  • Communicated with branding, storytelling, and more
  • Integrated into various programs
  • Improved participation and employee engagement

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well-being engagement

  • Engaged executive team as champions
  • Produced multi-channel testimonials and tips
  • Boosted awareness and action using social media and mobile

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paperless transformation

  • Helped launch key initiative to improve collaboration, efficiency, and sustainability
  • Developed messaging and interactive learning to help employees change habits and use new tools
  • 66% said “Highly useful in aiding my paperless transition”
  • 82% said “Confident with skills/knowledge to work paperless”

“Aspirational and practical solutions in a world where we are constantly balancing what we want to achieve with the resources we have available.”

Jerilan | Global Chief Communications Officer | Yum! Brands, Inc.

“Helped me learn to intentionally think about key messages up front. There’s power in the entire leadership team saying the same things; that builds alignment. It’s a game changer.”

Andrea | Director of Talent Management | Harley-Davidson

“Very effective at developing strategies that achieve the business objectives, as well as leading a project team to implement world-class communication solutions.”

Tom | VP, Global Talent Management | Owens Corning

“Skilled strategist as well as a brilliant writer, creative thinker and tactician. If you get the opportunity to work with her, you are in for a total treat.”

Robert | Communications Manager | 3M

“The ongoing communication campaign continues to be fantastic!! We even received comments from new hires indicating they have never seen such impactful pieces.”

Ann | Vice President, Total Rewards | MTD Products

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