How to Be Both Culture-Driven and Results-Driven. Photo courtesy of Camelot Portfolios, LLC


Our guest on this episode is Steve Hanley, co-founder and portfolio manager for investment services firm Camelot Portfolios.

After several years of steady growth, Camelot has been growing rapidly the last few years. Although Steve has long been a student of leadership principles, leading their rapidly growing team has meant that Steve has been finding out what happens when the principles are put to the test. What values should be communicated, reinforced, and used to evaluate performance?

Discovering that in the real world, simplicity is best, Steve has found it helpful to focus on an “Attitude and Efficiency” matrix for communications and performance management.

In this episode, we discuss the practical ways that Steve has focused on these two values through:

  • Sharing stories verbally and in writing, one-on-one and broadly
  • Celebrating positive examples and connect them to the company’s vision
  • Connecting the company vision to the team’s bigger purpose
  • Communicating performance feedback.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

For more information on Steve Hanley and his investment services firm Camelot Portfolios, visit their website.

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