True Fans Part 2. Photo Courtesy of BigStock (Max2).In the second part of Jesse’s two-part special on True Fans, he explores methods of HOW to build True Fans.

Although this may sound like only a marketing topic, it’s truly about leaders – doing what’s right both for your team and for your career. First, if you lead a team at work, you need to build True Fans for the team and teach your colleagues to do so as well. But also, as a professional and as a leader, you need to develop your own True Fans for the sake your long-term career. Your security is based on your own assets. If you have sufficient True Fans of your personal leadership, whether inside and/or outside your current company, you can write your own job ticket and go in just about any direction you choose.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why your business should NOT need advertising
  • 3 keys to building True Fans
  • What Apple, Amazon, and a small business called Mr. Freeze have in common
  • What you can learn from the #1 company in the #2 business

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Original post by Wired Magazine’s Senior Editor Kevin Kelly

Podcast: True Fans Part 1

Video: Traditional economy vs. the New Economy

Blog: True Fan + Engaged Employee = Super Fan

Tribes by Seth Godin

Platform by Michael Hyatt

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