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Before any communication or engagement, it’s important to begin with the end in mind. Create a clear understanding in your mind of the outcome you desire. Then, plan the objectives and tactics that will help you achieve that outcome. This will keep your communication focused, rather than cluttered with a multitude of messages competing to accomplish 11-20 goals – but achieving none of them.

Erin Lahey is a part-time editor for Aspendale Communications, and she is the host of Small Home Farm Radio. Recently Erin was asked to give a presentation at an organic gardening Conference. To ensure a successful presentation, she used the Big-Little Outcome Scope, one of the tools featured in our e-book, 8 Communication Tools for Leaders.

In this podcast episode, Jesse and Erin explain how the Big-Little Outcome Scope works. Using Erin’s presentation as an example, they also illustrate how to put the Big-Little Outcome Scope into action, and why it’s such a powerful tool for engaging employees and other audiences.

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