Are you consistently able to influence people to take action? Do people trust what you say and follow your recommendations? When you speak, do people pay attention or do they start to check their iPhones? If you don’t have the impact you’d like, you probably need to improve your face-to-face communication skills, whether you are speaking to one person or a roomful of people.

To help us be more effective in all types of face-to-face communication situations, our guest is Stacey Hanke. She is author of the book Yes You Can! Everything You Need From A to Z to Influence Others to Take Action. Stacey is a communication expert who helps individuals improve their delivery to persuade, sell, influence, and effectively communicate face-to-face with a clear message.

During this interview, Stacey provides practical tips to improve in four key areas of face-to-face communication:

  • Pauses
  • Listening for the “why” behind the words
  • Eye connection
  • Open posture

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For a transcript of this episode: 4 Ways to Improve Face-to-Face Impact | with Stacey Hanke