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How do you avoid mediocrity and apathy in the team you lead? At many companies today, innovation is the rallying cry, but bunting for singles is the everyday ethic. So how can you lead a team to be truly innovative? How can you inspire innovation, even from employees who aren’t in R&D? And how can you support process-based innovation, not just product-based innovation?

To help us address these questions, we’re pleased to invite back our previous guest Todd Henry. Todd is author of the book The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice. He regularly speaks at companies and conferences about how to build practices that lead to better ideas.

During this conversation, Todd discusses five keys to leading innovation:

  • Be a laser that points the direction to go (not a lighthouse that tells where not to go)
  • Encourage dissent and foster discontent
  • Defend your team to the death
  • Remember the spilt blood
  • Be clear, even in the face of uncertainty

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For the transcript of this episode: 5 Keys to Leading Innovation | with Todd Henry