Overcoming Fake TalkAs the legendary Peter Drucker observed, nearly all leadership and management challenges come back to breakdowns in communication. Effective leaders think about what is important and about how to communicate that. They deliver a clear message that outlines their expectations and specifies the requirements for effective performance. Based on how people perform, the leader needs to provide clear and effective feedback and recognition.

Unfortunately, many leaders and their organizations are having COUNTERFEIT CONVERSATIONS – engaging in FAKE TALK where it looks like everyone is sincerely interested in communicating, but there is not a genuine desire to connect in a respectful way that builds relationships and gets the results everyone desires.

Our guest is business communication expert, John R. Stoker. John is the founder and president of training and consulting firm DialogueWORKS, LC. He has served as a facilitator, coach, and change-management consultant for Honeywell, Comcast, Lockheed Martin, American Express, and dozens of other major corporations. John is the author of the new book, OVERCOMING FAKE TALK: How to Hold REAL Conversations that Create Respect, Build Relationships, and Get Results.

In this conversation, Jesse and John discuss principles to help you:

  • Apply specific principles, processes and skills needed to engage others in communication that creates understanding, respect, security and mutual trust.
  • Be aware of their own and others verbal and nonverbal language to create what is essential in any effective conversation.
  • Create a resolution in a respectful manner that not only solves the issue at hand, but strengthens the relationship.
  • Have a positive exchange with others in a way that fosters collaboration, and increases mutual respect.
  • Improve individual, team and organizational performance and achieves results
  • Use a simple communication skills model (REAL) that is easy to apply, even when the stakes are high, or when in heated, challenging, and difficult conversations.

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