Let's Grow LeadersConfidence inspires, attracts, excites and ignites.  And yet, confidence without humility can significantly limit a leader’s effectiveness — and even can be dangerous.  Truly confident leaders are secure enough to embrace and share their humility.  In the long run, their humility makes them stronger. To discuss how leaders can be confident and humble, and how to teach confident humility, our guest on this episode is Karin Hurt.

Karin Hurt is an executive director at a Fortune 15 company. Her blog at has become a favorite in the business leadership space. Karin has a diverse background of leadership experience in sales, customer service, human resources, merger integration, training and leadership development. She’s a yogi that loves to run, sing, hike, and travel — and much to Jesse’s excitement — she is a fellow triathlete.

Karin and Jesse discuss:

  • Why humility matters so much in leadership
  • Being confident but still remaining humble
  • Five ways to teach confident humility
  • Confidence + Humility = Credibility

Karin and Jesse also address these questions from listeners:

  • Does humility get in the way of executive presence?
  • If the concept of humility was not learned as a child… do you really think it can be learned in adulthood, especially if the person has already achieved success or leader status?

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