How Leaders Recharge Their Batteries | | Photo courtesy of (29853585).As leaders, we are wired for action, for serving others, for carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. But we need to invest in re-energizing practices; otherwise we risk “killing the golden goose” by sapping our health and/or losing our passion.

Jesse and his wife Erin have noticed that it can be particularly difficult to keep our batteries charged in the winter. Among the many reasons: less sunlight, harsher weather resulting in less time outdoors, and more temptations for unhealthy eating and drinking. Over the years they have researched and experimented with tactics to increase energy, improve mood, and manage stress. They are now ready to share their findings!

In this episode, Jesse and Erin discuss 14 re-charging tactics they have personally found effective.

For additional details and links regarding these re-charging tactics, visit Jesse’s blog post 28 Ways Leaders Re-charge Their Batteries.

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