Happy at workA growing body of research in psychology and neuroscience is demonstrating that happiness is a secret ingredient to success at work. It turns out, our brains are more engaged, creative, productive, and resilient when in a positive state.

What are the top habits for leaders and employees who are happy at work? How can we as leaders model and teach those habits to our team? And how can we create the environment that best facilitates both workplace happiness and maximum contribution to business results?

Jim Donovan, consultant, speaker, and “happiness expert” offers workplace advice to employers and employees on how to make their work lives more fulfilling. His latest book Happy @ Work comes on the heels of a Gallup poll that reported employee disengagement in the U.S. as high as 70%, costing businesses more than $550 billion a year in lost productivity.

Jim and Jesse discuss:

  • Who is responsible for employee engagement … the company, the manager, or the employee?
  • The top three things you can do today to manage time better
  • Getting rid of a tedious grind — tips to make dull tasks fun
  • Get up and get moving
  • Break your patterns

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