clarityBack in episode 89, about the Power of Brevity, we discussed why brevity works and provided four tips for being brief yet powerful. In these tips, clarity leads to brevity, and vice versa.

Now, contrast that with most of the corporate-level communication that companies provide their employees. Whether it’s a letter or email from the CEO, a benefits communication from Human Resources, or a video from Operations about how to improve quality or safety, much of what companies send their people is a mind-numbing flood of corporate speak.

In this episode, we discuss seven practical tips for clarity and conciseness in any type of corporate communication … that is, when there is a communication representing the organization that is being transmitted to the workforce.

  • Start with a clear outcome. What do you want people to do or feel?
  • Provide short, digestible, actionable bites of information
  • Avoid trying to accomplish too much with one piece
  • Target the information as appropriate for each audience
  • Use everyday language whenever possible
  • Leverage the power of visuals
  • Plan for questions to be resolved at appropriate time/place

Joining Jesse on the show once again is Terry Sherwood, his colleague from Aspendale Communications. Terry has over 25 years of experience helping companies communicate effectively with their employees. Her diverse background in human resources, corporate communications, and marketing provides a blend of creativity and practicality that delivers results. Terry has held senior consulting positions with several large consulting firms, including PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Towers Watson.

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