BachOn Engaging Leader, we talk a lot about who you need to be and what you need to do to be an engaging leader. But what if you keep catching yourself doing the wrong things? For example, you know you shouldn’t practice command-and-control management or act like the smartest guy or gal in the room. But then at the end of another meeting, you realize you’ve once again taken control, made all the key decisions yourself, and stifled healthy debate.

Are you doomed to be stuck in mediocre leadership? No, it’s probably just that a mental imbalance has crept into your life and is preventing you from living out the engaging leadership you are capable of.

Body/mind balance can be upset by stress, life events, or trauma of any kind – including minor traumas like the flu, or bigger life upsets like a child leaving home, moving, or loss of a parent or friend. Our natural personality traits tend to get exaggerated by these imbalances, and Bach Flower Remedies can help us to come back into balance.

Bach Remedies are natural remedies made from the flowers of 38 different plants. This is an alternative-medicine approach, along the lines of acupuncture, homeopathy and herbalism. In this episode, Jesse and his wife Erin discuss how Bach remedies work, where you can buy them, and how to use them.

Five remedies a leader may find helpful:

  1. Vervain – For those who are intense and have lots of ideas and want to convince others to jump on board with them
  2. Impatiens – For those who are naturally impatient with others, feel like others can’t keep up with them.
  3. Vine – For those who are natural leaders, dominant, bossy. Will temper that tendency and help you be a good leader, instead of pushy and demanding which can ultimately harm your efforts. Good in combination with impatiens.
  4. Oak – Mental fatigue and strain from prolonged effort, those who have ultra-responsible personalities. Can stifle your creativity. Self-reliant types who don’t want to delegate.
  5. Olive – Worn out from too much taking care of things or others for too long. Just feel tired and worn out. Want to just sit and do nothing.

Four remedies that can help you sleep better:

  1. Impatiens (same as above)
  2. Vervain (same as above)
  3. Rock Rose – Intense nervousness, feeling of being threatened (work overload, job insecurity, etc.)
  4. White Chestnut –  For thoughts that just go round and round in your head.

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