John Kotter QuoteStorytelling is a key tool for leading change. In episode 102, “Storytelling for Leaders,” Amanda Marko joined us to discuss why it’s such a powerful tool and provided tips for putting it to work. In this episode, Amanda returns to talk more specifically on the “how” of storytelling for leaders, and she explains four storytelling frameworks to lead change:

  • Connection story: overcomes natural skepticism by letting people know that you are like them
  • Influence story: helps to change someone’s mind
  • Success story: a more personal and memorable version of a case study
  • Clarity story: an organizational narrative or strategic story

Amanda Marko is president and chief connection officer of Connected Strategy Group, which helps leaders communicate their business strategy and engage stakeholders during times of change. Amanda is one of only a handful of people globally – and the first person in the U.S. – licensed to deliver Storytelling for Leaders, which teaches business leaders a proven method for creating messages that resonate, build engagement, and drive change.

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