Depositphotos_10515779_sWhat does yawning have to do with influencing people to take action? If you yawn, you trigger “mirror neurons” in most other people, which affect their brain activity and influence them to yawn too.

And mirror neurons don’t just involve actions like yawning. They affect thoughts and feelings as well. This is one of the keys that separate a traditional leader from a 21st century engager.

In this episode, Jesse explains and shares examples about the two influence tools of powerful empathy:

  • Empathetic perspective: As you prepare for a communication or engagement, see this interaction through the eyes of your audience.
  • Empathetic thinking: While in the act of communicating, actively seek to understand their thoughts and feelings and – most importantly – allow yourself to be influenced by their point of view.

With every communication you do, whether something formal or just a casual interaction, you will be more effective if you use these two tools of powerful empathy. Like a yawn, they get the mirror neurons firing, but in a way that will help you influence people to take action.

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