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With warm, summer weather arriving in the northern hemisphere, many of us have vacation plans. But what type of vacation will you take? Will it actually refresh you, helping you come back to work with new energy, fresh ideas, and a better perspective to help you deliver results that matter?

If you’re like most business leaders in the U.S., your vacation is probably only about a week long — and you’ll spend at least an hour or two every day keeping up with business on your smartphone or laptop.

The better vacation is the unplugged vacation, according to author and CEO advisor Mindy Mackenzie. But everyone is afraid to do it.

What if you could take a two-week or even three-week vacation, and truly unplug from work — without your absence causing any catastrophes back at the office?

Mindy and Jesse discuss how to take an unplugged vacation from work, worry-free.

Mindy Mackenzie is a speaker, author, and CEO advisor. Her new book is The Courage Solution: The Power of Truth Telling with Your Boss, Peers, and Team. Previously, Mindy served as Chief Performance Officer and Chief HR Officer of liquor giant Jim Beam. Her career also includes five years at Campbell Soup Co., where she was was VP of Asia Pacific HR & Public Affairs; and nine years at Wal-Mart, where she advanced through various leadership, HR, and Organizational Development roles.

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