nudgy tabIn episode 136, I shared how there are three secrets to effective content as part of a leadership or workforce communication strategy: visual, sticky, and “nudgy.”

VNS on white copyWe discussed the first secret in episode 127, Let’s Get Visual: 6 Engaging Ways to Use Images. We discussed the second secret in episode 136, Sticky — 7 Keys to Making People Notice, Care, and Act.

But we don’t just want our communications to stick, we want to drive action. The final of the three secrets is Nudgy, and that’s our focus here in episode 128. “Nudgy” means we apply evidence-based insights from behavioral economics to help our communications influence people to make an optimal choice in the “moment of truth.”

This term comes from the book Nudge, by University of Chicago economist Richard H. Thaler. But a newer book on the subject has a more specific application to workforce communication — The Power of Fifty Bits, by Bob Nease, who served many years as the chief scientist at Express Scripts.

In this episode, Jesse discusses how to use communications to leverage three heuristics (subconscious rules of thumb) that influence everyday behaviors of people.

  • Inertia
  • Loss aversion
  • Social norms

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