As millions of millennials and the even younger GenZers come into the workforce with very different expectations and definitions of loyalty, companies need to shift to make the most of those workers’ energy, skill sets, and incredible potential. Those companies that shift now for the long game of allegiance will have a strategic talent and efficiency advantage over those that don’t.

While many organizations and Boomer leaders long for some of the workplace dynamics of the past, one expectation — that employees will demonstrate their loyalty to their employers by staying at their jobs for a long time (or as long as the employer wants them) — is particularly unrealistic for business today.

In The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from Your Employees, author Lee Caraher shows how companies and leaders can realize tremendous advantages by letting go of their old definition of workplace loyalty and replacing it with a mindset that inspires employees to be loyal for their lifetimes, whether they are employed by the company or not. Jesse and Lee discuss:

  • The new loyalty paradigm;
  • Creating a culture of return creates a culture to stay for;
  • When Millennials thrive, so do Gen Xers and Boomers;
  • Creating a successful corporate alumni program;
  • Interview processes;
  • Training and development programs; and
  • Getting in on a good thing — opportunities to join Doube Forte’s wine and spirits division.

Lee Caraher is the founder and CEO of Double Forte, a national public relations and digital media agency, based in San Francisco. Lee is also an acclaimed author and speaker and a recognized expert on creating high performing, positive, intergenerational workplaces. Through her work, she shows companies how to embrace the qualities of different generations, and how to recognize the significant benefits of shifting the definition of company loyalty from a long tenure of employment to a lifetime of allegiance regardless of employment status.

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