Interviewing job candidates can feel like wading through a foggy swamp. You’re attempting to discern whether candidates would be successful on your team, while struggling to prevent the massive headache and wasted resources of a poor decision. 


Asking the right questions during interviews can bring clarity to the process by giving you a more accurate, complete picture of the person sitting across from you. In this episode, employment expert Paul Falcone shares four interview questions that can help cut through the uncertainty by drawing out honest, helpful answers from job candidates.


A bestselling author and top-rated presenter, Paul is currently the Chief Human Resources Officer for The Motion Picture and Television Fund, primarily serving retirees from the entertainment industry. Previously, Paul served as head of HR for Nickelodeon, head of international HR for Paramount Pictures, and head of HR for the TV production unit of NBCUniversal, where he oversaw HR operations for NBC’s late night and prime time programming lineup, including The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, and The Office.


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