Video conferencing is here to stay. A few adjustments will ensure you and your brilliant ideas are easy to see, hear, and understand.

1. Good lighting. Natural light shining on your face is best. If a window is behind you, close the shades and turn on a bright lamp.

2. Flattering camera position. It’s hard to take someone seriously when looking up their nose or down at their bedhead. Try to position your camera at eye level, and if your camera is built into your laptop, try setting it up on a few books.

3. Neutral background. It’s ok if you don’t have a designated office; a blank wall or bookshelves make a fine background.

4. Minimal distractions. Here are some examples. While barking dogs and strolling cats are part of our everyday lives, move them out of the frame during your calls (kids, too, if that’s an option for you). Also limit eating on screen — your colleagues are only 12″ from your mouth. But if you must take a bite, make sure to move out of view of the camera and mute your mic.

5. Good audio. If your colleagues are consistently saying they can’t hear you, maybe invest in a headset with a microphone.