8 Communication Tools for Leaders

Become a Better Leader in Every Area of Life

In the 21st century, leadership relies more on communication than ever before. Today, a leader is communicating nearly constantly, whether or not you know it. But are you truly taking advantage of your opportunities to engage the people you care about?

Here is some bad news:

  • Most leaders think they communicate and engage people better than they actually do.
  • Most employees, customers, and other people you think you’re leading are not actually engaged.

However, there’s also some great news:

  • You don’t need a Harvard MBA to be an extraordinary leader.
  • Perhaps as much as 80% of an effective leader’s role comes down to communication – a competency that everyone can learn and improve upon.
  • Putting 8 Communication Tools for Leaders into practice will make you a better leader in every area of life – whether you lead a large organization, a small team, a far-flung tribe, and/or a family.

Every time you interact with others, you are communicating and leading. Do you have the level of influence you need to be fully effective? Are you making the impact that you truly want?Get "8 Communication Tools for Leaders"

Here’s what you’ll learn from the 60+ pages of 8 Communication Tools for Leaders:

  • Eight of the communication tools that a leader is most likely to need in multiple areas of life.
  • Why each of the eight tools will help you be a better leader, when to use it, and how to use it to make a difference that matters.
  • The secret reason why people are resisting your influence.
  • Two planning templates: One to make sure your communication is aimed at the right target, plus one to plan messages to actually hit that target.
  • Six reasons why a former “soft skill” is now accepted as a powerful leadership tool.
  • How to communicate vision, purpose, and values in a way that causes people to pay attention and remember.
  • The two Power Pronouns that influence people to 1) help you deal with a problem and 2) own the team’s purpose, vision, and successful outcomes.
  • The one (seemingly) simple action you can take that will set you apart as an engaging leader.
  • An ancient method for cultivating your team to identify the best solutions — and be accountable as a group for the success of those solutions.
  • Four models for effective communication, with examples and stories that demonstrate how to apply the models and make them even easier to remember.

The people you care about need your cultivating influence to be all they could be. Your kids need you to believe in them, teach them self-discipline, and help them discover their passion. Your employees need you to energize and equip them to discover how their work can change the world for the better. Your customers, friends, and followers need you to listen and inspire them to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.

When you put 8 Communication Tools for Leaders into practice, you will become more intentional in your communications, whether you are talking, writing, or being silent. You will become a better leader in every area of life!