No matter how the pandemic has affected your business, the dynamic of your workplace has undoubtedly changed in the past few months. Employees and leaders alike are adjusting to new ways of working (and managing family demands) while trying to maintain pre-COVID levels of engagement and productivity.

Each employee is faced with innumerable factors that influence their individual productivity and engagement. That’s why your company culture has never been more important. It’s the subtle drivers of social belonging, sense of purpose, and authentic connections to the organizational mission that will fuel your workforce forward during difficult times.

A healthy culture is a long game of multi-channel approaches, but during this time of decentralized and disconnected uncertainty, your organization might benefit from identifying and equipping the sources of internal influence.

+ Ambassadors: Employees below manager level who are formally designated as initiative representatives or behavioral role models.

+ Influencers: Employees who drive most informal conversations and who are sought for advice, knowledge, or support.

+ Advocates: Employees who voluntarily share opinions, facilitate initiatives, or take action because they feel passionate and committed.