A Man Brainstorming about Thank You Concept

Thankfulness changes things: in yourself, in your team, and in your impact.

As we approach Thanksgiving in the US, and the New Year goal-setting that most of us will be undertaking over the coming weeks, let me encourage you to make it a priority to improve your gratitude over the coming year. In fact, if you make no other improvement this year, practicing gratitude will significantly boost your leadership effectiveness, as well as the personal happiness for you and the people you lead.

To help you better practice gratitude, this episode discusses:

  • 3 primary obstacles to a leader’s gratefulness,
  • 3 personal benefits of gratitude for you and your team,
  • 5 leadership benefits of gratitude, and
  • 6 ways to practice gratitude as a leader.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Additional Source

In addition to the sources noted above under Resources Mentioned, Jesse is grateful to Cody Gascho, pastor at Praxis Church, who provided helpful research and information a few years ago in a series of messages about gratefulness.

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