We’re excited to announce that EngagingLeader.com has received an APEX 2013 Award of Excellence!

According to the APEX 2013 judges, the award is based on excellence in graphic design, quality of editorial content and the success of the entry in conveying the message and achieving overall communications effectiveness.

APEX 2013 is the 25th annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence, an international competition that recognizes outstanding print, web, electronic, and social media. The competition is sponsored by Communications Concepts, Inc., which advises professionals who write, edit, and manage business communications, on best strategies and practices.

Many people have helped make EngagingLeader.com a success, including the fantastic guests who have joined us on various podcast episodes. I’d especially like to thank the following creative rockstars for their ongoing contributions to help us share principles to communicate, engage, and lead with greater impact:

  • Joe Sherwood, producer
  • Jill Plamondon, graphic designer
  • Tom Hitchcock, programming director
  • James Marler, sound engineer
  • Dustin Hartlzer, website engineer
  • JJ Lahey, video and web intern
  • Marty Lahey, co-host