Are You Making These Common Mistakes?



Jesse and Marty discuss five common mistakes leaders make that steal most people’s intrinsic motivation to be fully engaged in their work. These are not simply based on opinion; the five points are based on decades of empirical research with hundreds of thousands of people by Burnham Rosen Group:

1. Make all decisions yourself  (To motivate people, flip it: Keep authority at the appropriate level.)
2. Insist that everything is black and white (Flip it: Be flexible, and acknowledge when you or others have conflicting feelings about something.)
3. Find someone to blame for every mistake Even better, second-guess every decision and work product — in other words, consider everything they do is a mistake. (Flip it: Accept that not all mistakes will negatively affect the outcome; and treat mistakes as learning opportunities.)
4. Think “I” rather than “we” (Flip it: Think mutual respect and involvement … “we”.)
5. Keep people putting out fires (Flip it: Plan for longer-term outcomes the team will be proud of. Instead of being a firefighter or firestarter, be a cultivator.)


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