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In this episode of Game Changer, our guest is CEO Ziv Eliraz of Zao.  Zao is an online platform for gamification-based employee recruiting. It has been called the first employee referral solution that intelligently leverages multiple social networks to help you find the best candidates for your company. Ziv is an expert when it comes to employee referral programs and social recruiting, having worked with dozens of companies to launch and maintain their employee referral programs.

Together, Jesse and Ziv discuss ways to implement gamification techniques into the recruiting process, including using social networking to seek out the best possible candidates.  Ziv outlines three core recruiting services that Zao provides:

  • Social network mapping to help employees match open positions with potential job candidates among their Facebook and LinkedIn connections
  • Referral rewards program for non-employees
  • Gamification of traditional employee referral programs

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For the transcript of this episode: Winning the Recruiting Game | with Ziv Eliraz of Zao