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Chuck Coonradt has been called the “Grandfather of Gamification.” He is the author of the book The Game of Work, first published in 1984 and frequently updated. Since 1973, Chuck has been teaching companies game-based principles that unlock keys to employee involvement, engagement and energy.

Decades before gamification was a buzzword, around the time Pong was one of the few video games available in local arcades, Chuck noticed that many people took games very seriously. That caused him to ask:

“Why would people pay for the privilege of working harder at recreation than they would work at a job where they were being paid?”

In this episode, Chuck discusses answers that question and discusses five key principles from games that can be applied to work:

  • Feedback is instantaneous
  • Scorekeeping is highly visible and updated instantly
  • Goals are clearly defined
  • Coaching is consistent over time (and consistent with the game’s feedback)
  • People have a higher degree of personal choice.

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Chuck’s book:  The Game of Work

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For the transcript of this episode: The Game of Work: Unlocking Employee Engagement and Energy | with Chuck Coonradt