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In the past couple weeks, a congressionally mandated report on workplace wellness programs created for the U.S. Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services was released to the public. The report was created by the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research institution. The results are rather sobering, suggesting that although 51% of large U.S. employers offer a workplace wellness program, they don’t seem to actually be saving much money for employers … in fact, it suggests that most of the reported claims on ROI for workplace wellness are hype provided by vendors.

Keas is one corporate wellness provider that probably wasn’t surprised by the report’s conclusions. Keas is a company that Mashable said began as the for health and became the Farmville for corporate wellness. Back in 2010, Keas realized it was failing to make an impact, and so it revamped its entire program with a gamification approach. Today we’ll find out what kind of difference that made, and whether Keas is producing an ROI for employers that rises above the disappointing results of the RAND report.

Our guest, Josh Stevens, has been in the tech world for many years, at companies like AOL,, and YouSendIt. Today he is the CEO of Keas.

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