Enterprise Gamification Forum 2013Jim Wexler is a digital communication expert and thought leader, helping top companies create digital experiences to deepen engagement, build relationships, and change behavior.

As President of Experiences Unlimited in New York, he develops digital marketing strategies and campaigns to improve organizational performance, leveraging a track record in Marketing Ideation, Social Media, Branded Entertainment, Gamification, and emerging media and platforms expertise.

This September, Jim will be the conference chair of the Enterprise Gamification Forum in New York City.

Known as the original pioneer of games as a media platform, Jim has put over 8 million “advergames” into play including first-ever game-based campaigns for General Mills, Coca-Cola, The GAP, AXA Equitable Goldman Sachs, and Johnson & Johnson.

Jim has been featured in BusinessWeek, Forbes, The New York Times and CBS News, and he is a columnist for and

In this episode, Jim and Jesse discusses how gamification has changed in recent years, and where the trend is headed. In addition, Jim shares several examples of enterprise gamification to engage employees, including:

  • Employer branding
  • Talent acquisition
  • Training for “soft skills” and behavior change, including leadership, negotiation, ethics, diversity, and sales.

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