postbeyond-devicesSocial media has a powerful effect on company sales and recruiting efforts. But just having a corporate communications person post things on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter doesn’t actually bring results. On social media, people pay attention to people, not to companies.

Employees and partners collectively have an audience 10x larger than the company itself. ~ Technorati Advocacy Study

Brand messages are re-shared 24x more frequently when distributed by employees vs. companies. ~ MSLGroup

Content shared by an employee generates 8x more engagement than content shared by a company. ~ SocialMediaToday Report 2014

Today we’ll discuss the challenges that have prevented most companies from effectively engaging their employees as ambassadors on social sharing sites. And we’ll discuss one option that seems to be working for Starbucks, Molson Coors, and other companies.

Ivan Tsarynny is the co-founder and CEO of PostBeyond, a gamified platform that helps employees of large companies more effectively engage as ambassadors on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Launched in April 2013, PostBeyond provides a Pinterest-style library that curates online articles and images that are relevant to company interests. Content is first suggested for the library by employees as well as an automated aggregation engine. If it gets the thumbs-up from corporate, the content is filtered into the library, where employees can share the posts without worrying about crossing liability lines.

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