Important Stuff from Legal

Our team members each maintain a strategic cooperation agreement with Workforce Communication, LLC (WFC). WFC is a strategic cooperative for purposes of marketing, building team capabilities, and sharing systems and other resources. “Workforce Communication” is a trade name for marketing purposes. However, all services for any specific client are provided by (and contracted, managed, and invoiced directly through) the applicable specific entity listed below:

  • Aspendale WFC, LLC, founded in 2004 by our co-founder Jesse Lahey
  • Maple Tree Lab, LLC, founded in 2010 by our co-founder Laurie Barnes

Any liabilities or contractual obligations are assumed only by the specific entity listed above that has contracted with the specific client (in other words, by the entity that invoices and collects payment from the client). WFC accepts no liability. All of these entities and their clients have agreed to hold WFC harmless from any liabilities related to services performed by their project team.

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