This week’s picks for worthwhile reading on leadership communication from around the web.

  • Change Your Story, Change Your Life
    Messages matter, including those you tell yourself. /
  • Your Employees Are Not Mind Readers
    How to communicate expectations, by former CEO of Campbell Soup. /
  • How One Key Question Gets Results
    Start planning a presentation by asking this one question. /
  • 3 Secrets to Cut Your Meeting Time in Half
    Set the expectation that meetings should pay off! /
  • What type of work is best for Friday?
    By the end of the week, your energy levels are usually ebbing. /
  • Changing Our Tune on Exercise
    Good example of framing the message for better influence. /
  • 4 Things You Can Do To Be a Better Leader and The Basket
    Great list; I never saw baskets that way. /
  • Who Has the “Why”?
    Engaged employees take responsibility for their careers, success, & fulfillment. / via @timothyrclark