Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, shared recent survey findings that may affect organizations’ HR strategies in the near future.

1. Remote working is here to stay. The Gartner poll says that 48 percent of employees are working remotely now, versus 30 percent before the pandemic. We expect many employers will continue this shift in the future, sustaining a larger remote workforce indefinitely.

2. Companies say they will begin to expand their relationships with contingent workers again. One of the headlines the virus created was huge unemployment. So initially, many employers reduced their contactor budgets. But Gartner’s analysis shows that 32 percent of companies are now rethinking that. Gig workers provide more staffing flexibility than full-time employees.

3. Essential is a new category of employee. What this means is that companies may be looking more at “what people do” and their skills than at their levels or position structures. Gartner says this will motivate HR to change employee and career development programs in the near future.

For a full list of “Nine Future of Work Trends Post-COVID-19,” read the article at Smarter With Gartner. A 12-minute read.