Trajectory HealthcareIt seems common sense that investing in wellness and other workforce health strategies would be worth all the money and effort that employers are putting into them these days. But what is the actual evidence that there’s a return on investment? It’s wise to have a certain amount of skepticism about the vague promises we hear from various program vendors. Also important, different employers have different situations and needs — how do you determine if the strategies you are employing are making a positive difference for your organization?

To investigate these questions, Jesse talks to Thomas Wilson, PhD, DrPH, an independent epidemiologist specializing in the design, evaluation, and science-based improvement of population health programs. Dr. Wilson is a long-time friend of Aspendale Communications, as we’ve worked together on several assignments over the years to implement, measure, and refine workforce health engagement strategies.

Dr. Wilson is the principal of Trajectory Healthcare, LLC – a strategic epidemiologic consultancy firm. The firm has provided services to Medicare programs, Medicaid Agencies, health plans, care management vendors, employer groups, investment bankers, and non-profit groups. He is the co-founder & board chair of the Population Heath Impact Institute (, a non-profit organization advocating for credible, independent, and transparent evaluations of organized population health management programs.

In this conversation, Jesse and Dr. Wilson discuss Dr. Wilson’s research on whether wellness and other health engagement strategies are making a positive difference on health outcomes, company costs, recruiting and retention, and more.

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