Change HealthcareHealth care consumerism is a key part of most employers’ strategies for workforce health engagement. This involves tools, resources, education, and motivation to help employees and family members make decisions that optimize health outcomes and cost-effectiveness. What types of decisions? It could be choosing an appropriate hospital, a treatment type, a medication, follow-up care, whether you’re maximizing all the benefits as intended, or maybe whether you’re over-utilizing certain benefits such as Emergency Room coverage.

In recent years, new technology is helping employers better equip and engage their workforce as health care consumers.

Established in 2007, Change Healthcare provides consumer engagement and cost-transparency solutions to health plans and employers across the US. In this episode, Jesse and Clayton Nicholas discuss three products offered by Change Healthcare:

  • Cost Lookup – helps employees compare quality, cost and convenience for a prescription, medical, dental, or vision service with results based on an individual’s plan, network, and location.
  • Proactive Alerts – reminders, educational messages, and “ways to save” alerts to help employees with wellness guidelines, chronic care management, medications, and
  • Healthcare University – interactive website with gamification mechanics, including videos, quizzes and games that teach the basics of health benefits and how to shop for care—weighing things like quality and cost.

To help us get a feel for these tools, our guest is Clayton Nicholas, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Change Healthcare. Clayton, thanks for joining us.

This interview with Clayton Nicholas originally aired on our Game Changer podcast, in November 2013.

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