Earlier this year, the non-profit research group RAND Corporation released yet another study questioning the return on investment (ROI) of workplace wellness. RAND’s new study found that wellness can improve employee health and reduce costs, if the employer strategically engages employees beyond industry-standard lifestyle management tactics.

Graphic source: “Do Workplace Wellness Programs Save Employers Money?” research brief by RAND Health

Is it a waste of money and effort for employers to promote healthy lifestyles? No, RAND acknowledged that some lifestyle management goals and practices are effective. But employers should not blindly spend money on wellness programs pitched by vendors.

In this episode, Jesse discusses six take-aways from the PepsiCo results:

  1. Set clear goals.
  2. Don’t forget broader goals.
  3. Invest wisely based on your goals.
  4. Take an integrated approach to communicating both disease management and lifetstyle management components.
  5. Develop integrated communications for all workforce health management components.
  6. Make execution and engagement top priorities.

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