Beyond Biggest LoserThe popular weight-loss reality TV show “The Biggest Loser” has inspired many companies to hold weight loss contests for their employees. People love the idea of experiencing fast weight loss, and the idea of a friendly competition seems fun.

But while “The Biggest Loser” makes for great reality TV, does it make for a great reality in workplaces that are trying to encourage employee wellness and create a true culture of health?

Our guest has worked to go beyond “Biggest Loser” contests. She is Mary Pitman, Health Promotions Manager at Norfolk Southern.

Many companies talk about creating a culture of health, but few succeed. Their wellness programs fall into the trap of get-fit-quick programs that are destined to fail. Wellness programs must engage employees, then intercept them at those critical moments when life threatens to derail their success. Learn how Norfolk Southern’s “WellNS” program transformed a culture of “biggest loser” contests to one where employees are having fun, making changes they can live with, and enjoying sustained results.

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