“Stress is the new fat. It makes us sick, depletes us emotionally, and diminishes our quality of life.”
~ Jan Bruce, co-author of meQuilibrium

Just like managing weight, managing stress is about becoming aware of personal choices and making better ones, and rewiring thought patterns so that an individual’s habits sustain well-being rather than sabotage it. Learning resilience gets to the root cause of stress and unhealthy behaviors by helping people challenge and adapt their thinking.

Dr. Andrew Shatté joins Jesse to discuss how to train employees to tackle the seven core components

of stress management — not by attempting to eliminate stress, but by markedly improving their ability to handle it. Third-party research shows that people who develop stress resilience based on the meQuilibrium approach are:

  • 4x more likely to have high job satisfaction.
  • 5x as likely to have very good or excellent health.
  • 47% less likely to miss at least one day of work per month.
  • Half as likely to quit.

Even though 75% of people say they are overloaded by stress, only 3-5% take advantage of employee assistance programs (EAPs). At organizations that implement meQuilibrium, Andrew reports that 60-70% of employees give the program a try, and 88% of them complete the program.

Andrew Shatté is co-author of two books about resilience and stress management. He is a psychologist and research professor in the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona, a Brookings Institution fellow, and the Chief Science Officer at the online stress management company meQuilibrium. Andrew has spent more than 20 years researching resilience and has established resilience programs that are operating around the world. Andrew’s work has improved productivity and performance at organizations ranging from NASA to Fortune 100 companies.

meQuilibrium is a personalized, interactive, coaching system designed to provide people with proven, measurable methods to increase their stress resilience. Large employers, including Comcast and HP, use meQuilibrium as part of their human capital strategies to help their employees to manage stress and boost performance and to make healthier choices. It’s designed for mobile and desktop use.

Andrew Shatté will return soon for an upcoming Engaging Leader podcast about how to become a stress-resilient leader, including developing resilience personally, mentoring team members to develop their resilience, and creating a resilient workplace. Don’t miss it!

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